Geoffrey van Meer

Extracurricular Activities 

public speaking 

• Past years build up a new story lines: 
> AI for Executives, elaborating on machine learning and deep learning - with my own use cases on data from banking, media and the energy sector. 
> Economic Psychology, explaining how we think and behave taking (economic) decisions. 
• In April '21 gave a master class about 'Health Analytics' organized by Skipr >>
• In October '19 I participated in a panel discussion about 'Data as currency for society's good' on the CMS Annual Technology, Media and Communications Conference in Amsterdam.
• In June '19 I gave a presentation AI in Media at EmerceNext conference in Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam (pic1 & pic2)
• In March '19 I gave a lecture - Value Creation with Big Data - at TIAS business school (University of Tilburg).
• In March '19 I gave a talk on HealthCare Analytics Event.
• In Feb '19 I gave a talk on Marketing Insights Event in Utrecht (Jaarbeurs).
• In November '18 I gave a talk at 'Beyond Data' event organized by Rabobank.
• In October '18 I gave a talk on the Digital Analytics congres organized by MOA. I received 8,3 score in the evaluation - which was the highest of all.
• In November '17 I was key note speaker at the Talent Event in Jaarbeurs (Utrecht).
• In september '17 I was a key note speaker at the Big Data Expo >> and >> 
• In May 2016 I gave a talk at a Meet Up session 'Data Donderdag' >>>
• In October '15 I gave a presentation about 'Data Science' at the alumni event of Tilburg University - pictures >>
• In September '15 I gave a presentation on the 'Big Data Expo' in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.
• On April '15 I gave a presentation about 'Media Data Intelligence' at the Cross Media Cafe in Hilversum - article >>> and video >>>
• In September '14 I spoke on the yearly International Broadcast Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam.
• Customer Experience’, March '13. Network organization ‘CustomerConnection’.
• Key Criteria for Successful Marketing Research Projects, January 2010. Financial Services Research & Insight Forum, London (UK).
• Research Framework to Analyze Customer Online Behaviour [key note speech], December 2008. Market Research for Financial Services Conference, Miami (US).
• Understanding Online Behaviour to Retain the Financial Customer, February 2006. Financial Services Research & Insight Forum in London (UK).


• In March '21 I was interviewed by Skipr about the 'Value of Data for Health care sector'
• In January '20 I was interviewed by RelatieMarketeers on churn analyses.
• In June '17 I was interviewed on stage by Google's Big Data Lead, Tino Tereshko, at the 'Google Next' event in Amsterdam. The subject was about Big Data tools to build real-time data analysis pipelines.
• In June '16 I was interviewed on the latest developments on Data at RTL for the yearly MediaPark conference.
• An interview for Dutch BroadCast magazine about Data in the Dutch media sector - published in June '17.
• In September '16 I was a panel member in the session 'New skills for the robot-dominated future at the IBC - pic1 & pic2
• Another nice video interview with me >>>
• In June '16 I was interviewed - 'RTL is front runner with its Big Data platform' (Marketing Facts). More than 8000 reads!
• I gave a short interview in Feb '16 why we use Apache Spark for our Big Data platform at RTL Nederland >>>
• In December '15 I was interviewed as manager Consumer Intelligence - the tag line was 'it is big playground for data scientists at RTL' (in Dutch).
• In January '07 the Dutch magazine interviewed me for Marketing for an article about ‘Personalized Marketing campaigns by clickstream analyses’. I elaborated how companies can utilize clickstream analyses as a marketing instrument to intensify customer relationships.


• Since 2022 I teach 'Statistics' in the course Chief Data Officer by Outvie. I explain AI-for-executives using my own example from practice (banking, media, energy). 
• In January '23 I gave a guest lecture about Big Data at TIAS Tilburg University. My presentation was a mixture of how people think (Psychology), how to predict behaviour (Machine Learning) and how to grow Intelligence maturity in your organization (Management).
• In November '21 I gave a master class about 'how to build a team with data specialists' organized by Skipr. The participants evaluated my presentation with the score 8,4. Some people gave it a 10!
• In September 2020 I provided a masterclass about 'Qualifications & Skills: Newest skills for Data Professionals' at Coursera and European Leadership University.
• In November 2015 I gave a guest lecture 'Media Data Intelligence' at the Marketing Department of the University of Tilburg.

• In June '22 teaching statistics, analytics and research techniques - using various AI & ML use cases - to participants of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) course.
• In April '21 I will give a guest lecture about Big Data at TIAS Tilburg University.
• In Jan 2021 I gave a guest lecture to students from the Research Master Psychology from Tilburg University.
• In October 2018 I gave a guest lecture on 'Creating Value with Big Data Analytics' for TIAS Business school at University of Tilburg.
• In January and November '17 I was invited to provide a masterclass 'Creating Value with Big Data Analytics' at TIAS Business school.
• In October 2012 I gave a guest lecture on the Vrije University in Amsterdam about ‘Web mining’. Afterwards a student said it was great to see that I present a so-called boring topic with great enthusiasm.. hum, I think that’s a compliment.
• In March 2009 I gave a guest lecture ‘Statistical Research Techniques in Practice’ to bachelor students Marketing at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

• In November and December 2007 I taught ‘Consumer Marketing’ to Master students of Marketing at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.
• Begin 2007 I gave a guest lecture with the title ‘How to integrate the Internet in the Direct Marketing Strategy’ at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.


• In March '21 I wrote a blog on "What's your Claim to Fame"?

• In February 2020 I published the article 'Why we tell stories'
• In February 2019 I published the article 'Art & Science'. It is my story about five years in Media.

• Together with prof D. Sikkel I published the article 'Stickiness: The value of saved money' in the JMA.

Consumer Behaviour
• I wrote a short blog about how customer insights helps having to understand customer behaviour [off line].
• I wrote a white paper with the title ‘Customer Intelligence is a key driver for Customer Experience’. 

Online behaviour
• As co-author I wrote the first chapter ‘Analyzing Online Behaviour’ of the book ‘E-Commerce coming into its own’.
• I contributed to the year book 2008 of the Dutch Market Research Association (MOA). Title of my article was ‘Analyses of Consumer Behaviour on the Internet’.
• In 2007 I finished (and defended successfully) my PhD thesis  ‘Financial Behaviour on the Internet
• In 2006 my article ‘Customer Development and Retention on a Web-banking site’ was published in the Journal of Interactive Marketing, 20 (1) 58-64.
• In 2004 my article ‘A suitable Research Methodology for Analyzing Online Banking Behaviour‘ was published in the Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, 9 (1).


• I received a very kind message: " Thank you again for so patiently responding to all my questions at the Psychology Alumni event at Tilburg University. Your insights ended up having a very strong impact on my "what-to-do-after" the Research Master decision-making ".
• In November 2018 I participated in the jury for the "International Customer Experience Award".
• June 2017 I participate in a Bertelsmann's 'Preparing for Opportunities' program at INSEAD in FontaineBleau (FRA).
• RTL is part of Bertelsmann - in May 2017 I organized and hosted the Advanced Analytics Event for data scientists and data engineers from several Bertelsmann companies.
• In 2013 I was moderator on the ‘Selligent Finance Day 2013’. All large financial institutions in the BeNeLux participated and demonstrated how they organize their marketing campaign management.
• In 2013 I organized and hosted a CRM -conference for my colleagues from Belgium, Ireland, Germany and Poland.
• In 2009 I became a member of the NIMA exam committee. NIMA is the Dutch Institute for Marketing.