Geoffrey van Meer



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I was born (1974) and raised in Roosendaal (The Netherlands).

" I still dream every night to be a professional soccer player or an opera singer, but I am not very talented (also not in my dreams..). In my free time I prefer to be on the water with my boat or to play soccer with my son".

• I am a versatile data evangelist and passionate about driving value for people and businesses through data, analytics and innovation.
• I bring a unique combination of 20+ years management experience in leading data science and engineering teams with deep knowledge on technology, statistics and psychology.
• I enjoy being involved in business strategy, building effective partnerships and lead organizational change.

2021 - present Product Manager (SAFe) 'Data' - Essent
Managing multidisciplinary BizDevOps product teams, like Data platform team, BI team, Data Science team, Campaign management team, Personalisation team, Sourcing Intelligence team. 
Designing - and executing - the Data Strategy, anticipating on the energy transition.

2014 - 2020  Head of Data Intelligence - RTL
My expertise is to create value out of data and strengthen the business in reaching their business goals!
I set up a top-in-class Data Science team and a data engineering team building a state-of-the art Big Data platform.

2008 - 2013 Manager Customer Intelligence - Rabobank International
I have the capabilities to set up, manage and grow a Customer Intelligence department!
I conducted data-analyses & market research supporting countries; as functional owner (PO) managing and developing Data and MarTech platforms; spin-the-web for exchanging experiences and expertise between marketers in all countries.

2003 - 2007 Team manager R&D - ING
I possess a broad range of research and analyses techniques!
Responsible for several innovating research projects.

PhD in Economic Psychology (2002-2006) at the University of Tilburg (NL)
Title: ‘Financial Behaviour on the Internet’. The thesis describes clickstream analyses as an appropriate research methodology to analyse individual online behaviour. I provided a solution how to integrate the Internet in the direct marketing strategy.

I have an extraordinary interest in human thinking and behaviour - combining knowledge about psychology with expertise on mathematical modelling!
Extracurricular activities, Teaching & Exposures
• Teacher of master classes at business school TIAS and teacher Chief Data Officer course at OUTVIE
• Guest lectures at University of Amsterdam and University of Tilburg
• Keynote speaker, jury or panel list member, moderator on conferences
• Author of academic papers, white papers, blogs